Most people say that one person cannot make a huge difference. I'd like to prove that a lone human has the potential of changing history. I start while I'm still quite young and full of motivation and energies to reach for positive goals that benefit us all. I've learned through experience that you receive the most, not by taking, but by giving away all you got. I'm still working on this, but for now I give you my precious time, to write this weekly article, even if you don't like it.

     I didn't always care so much about "the All", all I used to care was to make sure that I was satisfied and obtaining my temporary happiness. I used all of my efforts to get this, always taking from life all I could. Being materialistic, having lots of booze, drugs and sex cause I was convinced to think it was "cool" and I though fun led to happiness, even if people (including myself)( got hurt in my way. it wasn't my fault. As most of us, we've been trained from childhood dy our own confused friends, family and society) to have a "Survival of the fittest" approach to life. So I conquered at that level, but it proved to a superficial road with very little of the true steady happiness I experience today.

     They say that Ignorance is bliss. But do you really want to live a meaningless existence, while your soul cries out for what is real? I once lived on the unconscious mentality that dominates our zombie fueled machine. But destiny woke me up on different levels. This awakening never ends, each day has a new message to remember, a new illusion to escape and a strongly imbedded perspective to crush from our programmed minds. awaking is not so easy because it sometimes demands a reinvention of yourself, but change aint bad, just scary for some. Some realize that they've been 'wasting' all of they're life with untrue ways, but in my opinion, there are no 'bad' experiences. Every moment is a valuable teaching that will only help you grow stronger and wiser. Bless your mistakes cause after experiencing the "ying" you can try the "yang".

     We are all burned in the same situation. A pure soul, the loving essence of 'God' , but slowly thanx to mass conditioning and the insane experiences all humans are put through, the world corrupts us and makes us someday we weren't meant to be. But we can awaken from this unconscious state of idleness. Now that I've been on many sides of the road, I see a healthier perspective of life and the world. By giving my unconditional love to EVERYONE (even the people who annoy me or hurt me) I receive a a better karma of happiness (=Love, especially my own).

     In this article I'm hoping to give you the other side of the coin, especially mainstream media (extreme capitalist propaganda) vomited on you daily. I wanna be the load voice of the voiceless. I'll be touching many topics of relevance in your life. I hope that the vast limitation of verbal language doesn't cloud my message. Sometimes you'll think I'm crazy/'wrong'/stupid/on craclk/etc. but it's all good cause I don't believe in "wrongs". It's just a point of view, an opinion, a particular perception that id different through all of us.

     It doesn't matter if you always agree with me, that's impossible. I don't want to force you in believing any of my philosophies. I want to question all you consider "normal" and expose it for what it is. I also want to put an option on the table for you to take or leave at your own choice. Only by giving new things a chance you can experience if it's for you or not. (like drugs). You owe it to yourself. I'm hoping to give you a new perspective, maybe even put words to feelings you have but cant understand. I want to remove all the clouds and illusions that abound in our cities. Maybe this deconstruction of your world will reborn a better human that will help reconstruct a better world were EVERYBODY is totally happy. Love and light, Chris