I cannot stress enough, that a person is way more than just a mortal body. This is just a temporary space-suit that helps the metaphysical soul (our true loving selves) hang out in this material world. These days (last 10.00 years or so) these animalistic capsules have created more problems than just the limitations of our eternal selves. It has also caused a visual illusion that gives us excuses to divide and fight each other.

      A big example of the division caused by our external appearances is Racism, that though so stupid and illogical, is still very popular in our planet. Though this illness is not as rampant in our multi cultural country, it's still around in most peoples unconscious attitudes. As we evolve to a better humanity, this will stop , cause we'll realize that we are all soul brothers, a ONENESS of the same essence, and skin pigmentations shouldn't separate us. All races are the looser ones in this dilemma, relative to where you are. As a young "whitey" in Peru, I thought it ridiculous how I was treated as inferior just because I came out looking more like my mom instead of my dad. Physical details should become irrelevant to the way we treat each other (that should always be Love and respect, regardless of the corner of the world our ancestry came from). 

      Another unnecessary division created by us has been between male and female. Women are usually on the losing end of this battle of the sexes, not because they're a minority, but because they're physically weaker than men. In our "modern" world we'd like to think this is no longer a problem, but though there's been improvements in our treatment with ladies, there's still divisions. Domination through physical force is as primitives as eating meat, yet still around impending our true evolution. We have to realize that our inner selves are both female and male , gone beyond the animal body, some believe is all we are. This doesn't make you gay, it makes you COMPLETE. You don't need to find a partner to be completed when you've found it all inside.

      Nationalism can be another dumb excuse for division. Boundaries made by our founding fathers (mostly violent criminals that went around the world stealing the land of natives) should not dictate our judgments on the millions living on a different section of the map. Just because Bush and Saddam are power-thirsty maniacs that sacrifice the lives of their people to get more power, that doesn't mean an American should follow his president's dumb example and hate an Iraqi, and vice versa. We have to realize that humans are all the same inside; there's no better nor worse ones, and there's no good nor evil ones, it's just an illusion from our twisted perception. If you'd sit down to talk with an immigrant (ex. Taxi diver) and see past his accent, appearance, etc, you'll see that he's just a dude like you, just of a different style. Our great diversity is what makes humanity so beautiful and interesting anyway.

      Division caused by visual appearances are so many. It can be between young vs old, rich vs poor, straights vs gays, hippies vs metal heads, etc, etc. But all this is just hindering our growth and keeping us from our priorities of becoming all we can be. Some could call all these illusions to be a trick of the "Devil" to keep us here in the physical realm and continue to feed off our energies ("Matrix" style). Instead of uniting in LOVE and becoming ONE in Eternity (reaching God enlightenment), we FEAR and consequently Hate those who appear different. When we Evolve and become Souls (over mind and body) we will be able to love unconditionally and stop wasting our energies negatively. We will finally follow the "Golden Rule" that runs through all religions: to Love each other as if it where yourself. PEACE!