As you go through your busy days, getting your many home-works done, making money to pay the rent/meals/extras, having college fun, and striving for the physical pleasure your body constantly demands; do you ever just STOP and question yourself "What the hell is all this shit?!! How did I ever get into this lifestyle? Is this really who I am, or just a result of the experiences (good and bad) that I've gone through in my short life? Am I really here to be trained into a worker, breed more workforce and then die? Is the purpose of my life to be a slave of the unbalanced system, so I can obtain all those material objects I've been convinced to 'need'? " If you're answer is YES, realize that you are in a deep illusionary sleep, and your existence is empty.

     I'm not saying that working or raising families is necessarily bad. Many will find they're true happiness in a job that they enjoy, or in raising a new human with love, but NOT everybody. Know that if you're doing the family deal, you're expected to get a solid job to support the kids, meaning your life will be dedicated to making money. The main problem arises when people never stop to question if that's what they really want. Maybe they have another role to play, but the mass conditioning is so strong that they give up their existence to be transformed into another mindless robot. Your soul cries for the answers to all of these questions and you owe it to yourself to search for them. 

     The first step in this search is to just stop and observe at those subtle methods of control in your life (T.V., politicians, friends and family that been fooled themselves, closed minded teachers, etc.). Try to hear a new perspective, found in good books, movies and conversations from awakened ones. But I would say that just leaving behind everything "normal", for a trip, would be the best way of looking at a different version of reality. By traveling I'm not referring to a cruise, Disneyland or a "gringo" vacation at a tourist resort. I'm talking about getting down with the locals of a developing country, like the "North-South" Program students just did in Nicaragua. After that you wont be the same, for the better.

     The same Purpose question can be made to the planet. Have you ever stopped to question: "What is the purpose of the Human race? Are we really just intelligent animals, here to reproduce extremely, fight each other over the plentiful resources, become slaves to our own desires, wipe out our resources and auto-destroy ourselves? A handful of greedy corps control the millions who suffer at the rat races 40 hours/week, while the majority can't even feed themselves. All meanwhile the nature that created us is crushed so we can build more and more dead crap. This world is absolutely crazy and nobody seems to be working for the evolutionary change that we need so bad.

     Our nation's leaders are huge whacks that don't mind sacrificing the valuable lives of they're people to keep the power struggle going. Is it worth it? The world belongs to all of us, past the invention of "property", so why can't we just share? Most of us don't even realize this since we live in the archaic "survival of the fittest" mentality. The purpose of our great race is not being fulfilled. All we are doing is turning our reality more and more into a living hell, the opposite of our mission. Instead of searching for eternity, we're holding on to Time.

     I believe that we are here to evolve spiritually (beyond the confusion and division of Religions). When this evolution is achieved, humans will live in Love, instead of Fear. We will drop the visual differences and see each others as equal parts of a whole. We will be able to share the worlds resources without irresponsible exaggerations. Once everybody is satisfied at the physical level, we can help each other reach enlightenment and become the Gods that we are inside. Earth will be Heaven instead of Hell and we'll reach our destiny. Though it now sounds like an unachievable fairy tale, it's totally possible, and it starts with you.