This is my final article and since I'm graduating I wont be able to do any more, at least for this fine paper. I had many more topics I wanted to touch, but I only had a limited amount of issues I could put my alternative opinions. Sometimes Time runs out before we get the chance to do all we have the potential of doing. This is what I will be talking about in this final piece.

     Many of us act as if Time was unlimited. We either waste it of kill it instead of enjoying or taking advantage of every second of our days. In the physical plane we exist, Time is separate from Eternity (God). Instead of holding on to the illusions of Time's world, we should aim to become eternity itself. Especially these WW3 style days, Time is running out, so our priority should be to learn how to become eternal beings without physical attachments.

     We are coming to the end of an Era called the "Iron Age" (5,000 years), that is the period when Negativity has been the strongest humanity has ever experienced. This is the eastern name for this period but its known to different cultures around the world under different names. Though the unbalances of our Era have put most people through living hell, it is not eternal and it's ending soon enough. After that, a "Golden Age" is due and the balance of forces will be back. Things are getting worse and it will get even worse, especially for us "people in a bubble" (rich country citizens) cause we've been spoiled for so long. But don't worry, after the nightmare we have to experience, we will live on a new Heaven on Earth. Though it seems unreal today, eventually Positive will overcome Negative. Eternity will replace Time, and God will be awakened in all.

     Many would like to think that our times are just going to keep on going forever, regardless of all the suffering most experience in our corrupted planet, but this is impossible. This theory of the death and rebirth of time runs through almost all cultures in our planet and they all point to us. Known in different terms like "Judgement Day", "Apocalypse", a new "Yuga", the return of the dead Master (God embodied), etc, it's the same story from east to west. Many enlightened masters and prophets (e.g.. Nostradamous) also agree that this switch of consciousness through physical catastrophe, will happen in the next 4 to 9 years. The events are already happening in our present history. The very accurate Mayan calendar (that sees time as a spiral) ends in the year 2012 and then returns to the beginning. The Hopi (a very prophetic native tribe from Arizona) also say 2012 will be the fresh start. The book of Revelations (Bible) says it will take 7 years for this destruction to take place. So it would be wise to prepare to a degree for the hard times instead of just keep on getting distracted (entertained) by Time.

     The enlightened Guru of my own spiritual path, Sant Thakar Sighn, also talks about this change. We says that the atom bombs will cause Babylon to burn, destroying the majority of humanity (negativity). The few survivors will have to learn and live from their own inner light, with little food and water. Tons of meditation will be the only way to escape the sufferings of the external world, but all this work will also awaken the inner powers and enlightenment that will bring the new positive world forward. Humanity will be connected inside so we will be able to act as ONE again, instead of the dumb divisions we find today. Sant Thakar doesn't talk to much about it though, cause our destiny can still change according to our actions (karma laws). We are still in time to bring the shift of consciousness without the need of mass destruction, but by the way things are looking, it seems almost impossible. Personally I haven't given up on humanity. Other than doing my own personal contribution of 2 daily hours of meditation, (to awaken the God inside me and the Mass Consciousness) I try to teach everybody about the important things in life so they can also be a bit more prepared for the Spiritual Battle were about to face. I wish I could reach even more people so the Spiritual Evolution could happen, but apathy has most of our brothers by the balls...

     As I said, the roads of the future are still open, we can still bring the Golden age without pain, but we have to start to work for it today. If I haven't persuaded you to start Meditating in my past articles, I hope this is the one. Contact me if you need any help. All of humanity wants a better future but we have to unite from the inside to make it happen. Negativity knows it's on it's death bed, so its pulling desperate moves like sending strong reptilian entities into our world leaders, and making them do illogical evils for everybody. But the world is the people's not the leader's so it's our job to create our optimistic reality. Thanx a lot for reading.