We've been taught that we are a dual being composed of mind and body. In order to be powerful you have to exercise both of these selves. We go to the gym to be healthy and come to school to exercise the mind. Most of us have come to think that if both our physical and intellectual muscles are in shape we are fit for success. Sadly this is incomplete, cause we are a TRINITY including a SOUL, and this is the most important (and neglected) part of our-selves.

     Many skeptics don't believe or understand what soul is because they haven't experienced it. In the same way that I couldn't tell what God is (words are limited), I can't explain what a soul is, but I've learned to experience it separately from my body and mind. All the Masters, saints and mystics have put words to soul and in short, they say that it is the true essence of God, found dormant inside us (the temples). Only till we awaken it, we can know our true selves, past the temporary clothing of body and brain that will die in due time.

     The soul has been acknowledged and nurtured in most of humanities existence, but today we are born into a world based solely on science. Even though these are also abstract theories contradicting themselves, we deny the reality of the spirituality, just because it deals with matters beyond our tangible senses. Nethertheless, dismissing the beliefs on the invisible realities is harmful and our screwed world is a result of it. Religion hasn't really helped either, their dogmas have mostly confused and separated humans instead of the opposite.

     We just have to see things from a bigger picture. If soul can be compared to a small drop of the ocean that is God, this means we are mini Gods ourselves, that are away from home and forgotten our inheritance. We are eternal and at the end of our mortal lives we neither disappear nor go to heaven nor hell. Since we weren't able to awaken we keep coming back to this world for another chance for enlightenment.

     The human species has been chilling on earth for more than 100,000 years. In this time advanced civilizations have raised and fallen leaving no trace (as we might do soon too). For all we know, we could of had hundreds of life-times already. In the bigger picture, our so-called "long lives" are like a day in the life of the eternal soul. You might say that reincarnation is just theory but I've met many people who can tap into information beyond this reality and know of it's truth. All masters support this idea too, though some scriptures have been changed enough to buy the idea of heaven and hell. Both of these states can be experienced on earth and with the laws of karma ("action and reaction" or "as you'll sow you'll reap") we re-born into the lives we deserve according to our previous actions.

     Today we find ourselves in the physical plane once again, as lost and confused as ever. We have forgotten all we know inside and don't even want to tap into those inner powers that lie within. It is very important that we realize this amnesia and start working out our soul. The exercise is easy and free. The experiential truth shall set you free and bring you real happiness. You don't need a gym or school to train it, all you need to do is NOTHING. It's called MEDITATION.

     With this practice (and patience), you'll receive the truth straight from the Over-Soul (God). All you have to do is shut down your senses (I use a blindfold and earplugs) and put your body in a relaxed state. Next, try to calm down the restless mind, till you reach a point where thoughts disappear. Let it all go. To help this concentration on "nothingness" you can focus your attention on a "mantra" (a specific word) or your breathing. If you can hold this transcendental state for long enough, you'll experience the bliss of being a soul floating in eternity.

      Meditation takes so little and gives so much, just as you will learn to do once you start remembering who you really are: Love essence of the creator. It has improved my life greatly, keeping me in an almost permanent state of harmony. If you'd like to learn how to meditate properly, for free, you can call 744-5335 and ask for Mike. If everybody in this planet meditated and got in touch with their divine selves, love would come natural and humanity would learn to live as one, in peace and harmony for all.