Sex has become one of the main priorities and fuels of our confused world, sometimes before money that is used to get it. Especially in our western society, we are constantly flooded with media's propaganda that uses sexual images and temptations in order to influence our consumerism behavior. Add this to all the extra hormones we get injected in the beef most of us eat ( that is also making kids hit puberty and have sex prematurely), and we become horny beasts ready to do anything to satisfy our lower regions. Sex sells, so people have become the bate of other people. We're so used to get the hottest specimens displayed everywhere we look (huge banners, buses, tv, your sister in a tight t-shirt, etc) that we never stop to question if this is good for us or just making ourselves become enslaved to ourselves.

     I'm not the one to say what is wrong or right, that is a judgment for everyone to make on their own, but since I've experience a lot of diverse experiences, I will give my opinion. I'm a young horny-ish guy myself, trained from infancy to obsess on the opposite sexual physical beauty. As souls trapped in an animal body it's difficult to escape the wants of it, especially when I'm being stimulated everywhere (it would be easier in a country like India to have a chiller dilsner). But sex is not a bad thing in itself (like drugs of food). The extreme desire and/or addictions to it is. When most of our actions revolve on the temporal satisfaction of our material body (and Ego), we are not focusing on our spiritual evolution that could fulfill us entirely- eternally with real happiness (that cant be replaced with spontaneous fun).

     At this point of our de-evolution (cause where going backwards) we are mostly living as physical beings, having intercourse as mandatory for reproduction (that I suggest against in this overpopulated world). But I'm of the belief that a human at its higher spiritual evolution has the God-like capacity of multiplying by just wanting it, without the need of primitive rituals. If any of us reached this God-consciousness state, sexual pleasures would be nothing in comparison to your ongoing bliss.

     At this stage, though I think that though sex is pretty normal, it's being prioritized into a rotten activity based on lust (taking) instead of Love (giving). I've had a diversity of encounters with a few sexy ladies going from one night-standers with strangers, to intense Love expressions with a special person. But there's always a constant factor, regardless of the details of the actions, I'm only temporarily satisfied and eventually I'll want more. It is momentaneous fun that cannot replace the spiritual satisfaction. For me my weekly rendezvous with my soul mate are always intense but not the real connection between our hearts.

     Something dumb about our societies views on sex is how penetration is what's blown out of proportion when there's so many other kinds of sex. Sex should be the about the entire dance, not just the final dot on the paragraph. It also sucks when people who are down with casual sex, without the necessity of getting into all the work and obligations of a formal relationship, are viewed as sluts. I think that having sex for fun (free love) should be more accepted and acted. Lust is not all bad in itself either but we have to be honest about it and learn to control it not let us control us. Free love is way healthier than bad relationships based on great sex, but fighting the rest of the time. But don't forget your protection, cause karma has already punished our world with a few s.t.d.'s; and babies should be products of Love not Lust.

     The people who control our societal views (Corporations who own all the media and want you to buy all their unnecessary products), are happy that we've become such a horny bunch cause its great for the economy. Since "free love" is not too common people really have to struggle to get it. Many have to stop being themselves in order to be what an attractive person wants them to be. Most of us care too much about or superficial appearances and many's self-esteem is built on it (though its an empty self-love cause the true beauty is internal). Many try their best to look the way tv tells them is right, and this usually means buying tons of overpriced clothes, jewels, cirguries or the possessions (like a flashy ride) to attract the hotties. Personality seems to be secondary these days. And what about ugly people (the majority of us) who don't have a chance to satisfy that perfectionist expectation of how they should look? They end up having emotional problems, instead of being loved for the true inner selves (that's being damaged by this situation).

     I'm having as much troubles as anyone trying to escape this life-long conditioning, especially since I'm an artist that values visual beauty. But I have learnt to treat everybody with love and respect regardless of what they look like. As I have now come down from the exaggerated libido of a teenager I got to admit that I feel a bit liberated from the constant struggle to pleasure my unit. Now I can focus my energies on more productive and giving activities that benefits everybody not just my physical self. This also makes my occasional Love making so much more real and appreciated.