I begin this topic by mentioning God, cause this word tries to describe something indescribable, and a "thing" that each one of us understands differently based on our experiences. Most of us trapped in civilization have been given images of what your specific God, like an old dude with a beard sitting on a cloud judging whose good and bad. This causes problems for me since this word "God" (or the many alter names out there) brings so many attachments to particular dogmas, stereotypes, images, etc. and confuses the main essence of this supreme being of creation. No physical image, or words can hold in any way a being so beyond our understanding yet I still have to give it a name so you can sorta understand my message. I usually call this source of everything seen and unseen as "the Over-Soul" cause in a way he is the main father/mother creative figure, but I'll stick to the name God to avoid confusions. If Id have to imagine a physical version of him/her it I like to imagine the sun cause it makes me happy, and is a visual and warm circle of energy. But you come up with your own imagery ifyou'd like. In truth he has no shape since its just a supreme consciousness in EVERYTHING. Either way, I'm not going to try and act as if I was an enlightened master by trying to explain the nature of God. This would be as tough as trying to describe the soul (that is a drop of the ocean of God). But for our luck, there's been a few masters who've been in touch with him and brought us his message.

     God is an eternal being, beyond any level of mater, time and space. When he decides to be something else other than himself, he awakens creation (a process that is so long Time can hardly measure) and splits himself into his different selves, including his opposites (like Time and Fear). In this way duality and then trinity come into play. Creation then creates under himself and this split keeps on dividing down from gigantic metaphysical universes to our physical one, to our galaxies, systems, planets, countries, cities, people, insects, microbes and beyond what we can see. Everything is God essence and has soul but what differences us is the consciousness of this soul. In this manner we've been told that as humans we are blessed to be the temple of God cause his full consciousness lies dormant in us. As intelligent animals (thanx to our expanded frontal cerebral lobe) we are able to be aware of this capacity in us but very few people have done the work and awakened the universal consciousness looked in our soul.

     We are now trapped in Time (the opposite of God=Eternity), and a space too dance for our small physical bodies to travel through. Our limitations are great since we struggle physically (technology) instead of researching seriously our metaphysical powers, an evolutionary inheritance that's going to waste. It was time himself who made sure humanity forgot this truth and left us here in a confused world that has become Hell instead of Heaven. We don't belong here anymore and the purpose of humanity (and each one of us) is to go back home (God=Eternity) through the other planes of reality (that you will only be able to experience again when your body dies again). But Time wants to become Eternity (God) so he distracts us here with a lot of his negativity tools in a world of confusion, where enlighten is last (or not at all) on our list.

     We are trapped in Time's unfair law of cause and effect (Karma) struggling life after life as we re-incarnate over and over each century. We have forgotten our true selves and our mission to become it. God saw this happening so he sent his full consciousness self to our planet to remind us. He came down in the shape of various masters, prophets and saints that thought a different culture at a different period of time. All these messengers said mostly the same things but Time also managed to dirty up the pure message either by corrupting humans who translated or passed on the message in our different ways of verbal communicational dogmas and religions sprung by these wise men, but the message was obviously lost since there is division and fear between them instead of union and unconditional Love.

     Most religions, regardless of its age or birthplace have in common the notion of a creative force (even if its "nothing"). The main goal is usually to go back to it by being "good". By being good, you become Love (that's Gods essence) and pay our negative "karma". Sadly, sometimes it takes multiple lifetimes to pay for all the bad actions we might of done in past ones. Many are also deserved into the specific rules of particular religions that takes away the truth of other ones and doesn't allow the complete message come through. Actually the main problem isn't that were listening to the right or wrong preachers, but that instead we should get the message directly by God. A communication with God is not the same as we humans have since he is a consciousness. For us to listen to his silent words we have to close ourselves from this 5-sence world and open ourselves to the other sense one. Meditation is a practice I recommend for all since it teaches you to receive through or conscious unconscious, the vibratory words. At the same time, this connection also burns up the karmas you have stored, liberating your soul to rise to higher planes. I also strongly recommend a master/Guru that can internally aid this difficult connection with the most high.

     I don't think religions are bad in themselves. They are generally well-intentioned and do get many people closer to their true life purpose. The messages from their mystics still carry many truth, but interpretations and rules should be left to our own judgment instead of imposed. We are at a time were unless all cultures and dogmas come together in unity and Love, we are going to auto destroy ourselves with our fear and selfishness. Religions in this way divides the world by saying that they are right and the rest isn't. Most religions (especially in richer countries) are not designed for us to find God inside cause if we all were enlightened, their churches would not be needed anymore and their institution would be out of business. There is also a lot of political bullshit in them (like wars, censorship of newly found scriptures and bad funds management) but I don't know enough to get into this area.

     I personally used to be a catholic (like everybody else in Peru), but no matter how much rituals I followed I didn't feel God outside, but inside my heart. Religion wasn't able to get me close to him or make me be good on my own nature. Nor beautiful artwork and architecture, nor the rituals and songs,etc could teach me how to truly love unconditionally. I knew it was what I had to do, but it just didn't come out of me naturally (especially in such a negative and violent society). It was only till I got out of the confusing cities and lived with nature when I started to understand my own. Today after years of searching and learning from different points of view (the same story in different words), I have now found my own spiritual path to follow. To me it's the one that makes most sense yet its very open minded to all beliefs (it's a combination of the messages of all of the masters and mystics) and free ( its about listening to my heart not as much as a preacher). We have a Guru who is enlightened and helps our connection that is made daily through 3 hours of meditation and an ethical life where little karma is caused. My goal is to clean myself enough to reach enlightenment at the end of this lifetime. The path is called Sant Mat (the Oath of the Masters) and my gurus name is sent Thakar Singh. In my 1 year under this personal spiritual training I have already received many benefits from it. A lot of the unnecessary noise in my mind has calmed down, keeping me in a positive perspective of life. Though still difficult, I'm also learning to control my more physical self's, yet I'm almost always happy even if I'm a vegetarian who does no drugs nor alcohol. I recommend you to learn more about this path you can contact at (514) 7445335. If its not for you its totally cool, as long as you go out there and search for your own set of truth and a path you can believe will lead you to higher grounds. I promise you this way to get the true happiness we all pursue is the ultimate one. I've tried it all and not until now I've found the inner peace and love I wanted all my existence. The best of karmas for you and your journey!