Many believe that at the present humanity is as evolved as it's ever been. The technological advancements we have witnessed since kids, have given us a tangible example of this "evolution". Also some physical changes can be observed, like less muscular but taller people. Kids are said to be smarter too (at least at X-box), and hitting puberty sooner (due to all the added hormones in the cows= >"Mc meat"). I don't disagree in Darwin's theory of evolution, the evidence for it is clear. But I do disagree that our evolution is going in the right direction. We are adapting, but to the wrong world. It seems like technology and a cold shit-stem, has our evolution going backwards.

     A human being consists of a trinity of Body (our capsules), Mind (our data computer) and Soul (our true loving essence of the creator). The problem is that we have based our reality so much on our outer senses (of mind and body), making us live as smart animals. The only reason we feel superior to plants and animals is that we have been able to explain everything about this physical world, while they just don't care and just do their thing. We have also figured out how to dominate different kinds of races, species and cultures, ruining the balance for everyone. Animals and vegetation are actually wiser than us cause they're happy using only what they need and leaving for tomorrow, while we just wipe all our resources in the name of greed.

     I believe that there once was a time when humans didn't really act this way. The human species is 100,000 years old and we only have some evidence of civilizations from 10,000 years back. In the range of possibilities, there could of been a time when humans didn't prioritize on their body and mind, but on their spirits. This would of opened all of the God-like powers from other planes for us to use. Eating was very small and they could reproduce without sex. Lives where way longer. People didn't have to get confused in the riddles of verbal talking cause they had telepathy. They had the ability to fly (astral-traveling) and dominate the body with their "chi" (energy to have super-strength and move things (Jedi styles). Everybody was happy. The Over-Soul provided all of these abilities cause we were in harmony with him/her and no conflicts where necessary since they where all one interconnected. We are too but we have forgotten.

     We still have all these capacities and powers laying dormant inside us, but they are very buried and un-nurtured. There are people who have actually trained themselves to tap into some of these powers, especially in the east. Meditation and martial arts are examples of practices that help work out the energies from beyond this realm. People in full touch with their soul can read the thoughts of others, get out of their body and fly around (like shamans), and get knowledge and wisdom directly from the Universal Mind. Many have already learnt how to bend forks with their mind and I ve also met people who can mostly live on their inner light and barely eat.. Others can't help but have clairvoyance powers, and can see entities from un-material planes. But all these are still lower powers, compared to our full potential.

     If today's batch of humans decide to evolve progressively (urgently needed) it wouldn't get by getting more efficient bodies (leave that for giraffes and lions) or more intelligent minds (we're already smart enough to realize how crappy we've become). The evolution will happen at the soul level, if everybody meditated we could communicate better inside and act as a mass consciousness to solve all problems. We would tap into the unconditional Love within and work together to get back home and recuperate our pure potential. Negativity would disappear cause everybody will understand the idea of "one-ness" and desires for possessions, food and sex will be dropped like old toys that used to amuse us. Leave that for animals, we are Gods.