Do you really need that 5th pair of shoes, the latest video game system or yet another DVD? Is taking the Metro more annoying than enslaving yourself in meaningless jobs and time- killing traffic, just so you can have the illusion of freedom and impress the ladies with a car? Did you know that North America consumes 80% of the entire world's resources? If you stop and think about it for 1 second, you'll realize that it's very unbalanced for our rich corner of the world to use so much extra stuff while the majority don't even have the bare essentials. Actually they do have these natural resources, but can't afford to use them cause we take it from them in exchange of paper dollars (to survive in a money ruled world).

     I grew up in Peru, a poor south American country. If you'd go and visit any of the countries south of the US, you'd be shocked to see the conditions they live in, (that in comparison to Africa is nothing). My country is very rich in natural, geographical and cultural resources, but thanx to the unbalanced capitalistic shit-stem, most people starve and have to resort to crime in order to survive. Very sad. The poorer get even poorer/larger and the rich get richer/smaller, showing off their unnecessary possessions to be superficially happy.

     Whenever I go back there I feel sad to see the traditional restaurants, stores and products have been taken over by American chain crap. That kills our culture. And even worse, the money these corps make don't even stay in the country but comes back here were we have more than enough. Even sadder I feel when I see the warm Latino heart turn into negativity over the lack of basic needs.

     Free Trade Agreements only give rich countries (ruled by monopolistic corporations) the green light to exploit our native lands and basically enslave the workers with super low wages. The land is then drained from all it's juice and the slaves are then left with no work nor land to feed themselves anymore. This all begins from our great (unconscious) demand for excess. Thanx to our greed, Genetically Modified Organisms (Eg. tomatoes spliced with fish genes) are also a must for farmers to produce that much food. We are now ginny-pigs of this untested experiment. Is our exaggerated diets worth this possible suicide and the stealing of other's lands?

     We're so used to living the good life in the bubble named Canada that most don't appreciate the luck we have to live in one of the best countries in the world. There are no poor people here, even our bums are considered rich were I come from. Nobody dies of hunger, cause you can always fall back on welfare, bankruptcy claims, e.i., or missions. In Peru many die of hunger, decease or violence daily and there's little the government can do. When you buy all the extra stuff, you're body demands, you support this unfair system.

     The population of our planet has DOUBLED in the last 40 years and it keeps on growing at the accelerated rate of 9,000 people a day. Earth's resources are finite and at one point we will all have to go through hunger, unless we begin to moderate. Would it be so terrible to adopt that muddy Nicaraguan kid instead of having your own kid, for the ego-trip of having a "mini-you"? We're are all soul family, blood means nothing. What better recourse to recycle than a human life?

     Our society has made us into buying machines, with non stop ads since we were babies. But as you'll grow, you'll find that happiness isn't in getting too much food or possessions, but from making everybody else happy. Just buy what you need, used stuff if possible (and recycle it when you're done instead of piling it up or throwing it in the trash). Also avoid buying from heartless corporations, so we the people can take the power back. If you have a financial surplus after this, give it away to those who need it more. Or travel and help them personally. Your life will be so much better and purposeful I promise.