Every time I try to teach people why eating the rotting flesh of a tortured animal is one of the worst things one could do, I meet a lot of resistance. This rises, not because there are actual good arguments for it, but because most of us are so attached to the temporary pleasure meat gives our tongues. Though we are trapped in the bodies of animals, our essence is divine and when we evolve, we will respect the "everything". For now, we've grown in a world that pushes the idea that putting meat into our bodies is normal, and were mostly kept in ignorance about the consequences. This is you're chance to change this.

     There is a lot of scientific evidence proving that the human body is mostly herbivore one, not carnivore. Examples are our teeth, our sweat glands, the acidity of our saliva, our sleeping habits, etc. The most frequent reason a person will have to become a vegetarian is animal compassion. Not that Im not compassionate myself, but I can understand how a person just wouldn't care for the life of a creature he never saw tortured or butchered. When we eat meat, it looks nothing like the bleeding creature that was hanging on a hook crying for hours in a slaughterhouse shortly before that. A person that would rebuttal an argument for the respect of living creatures could say that when vegetarians eat vegetables, they also kill a living creatures. This is different since plants have way less consciousness than animals, and have no nerve endings, nor pain. Also, when we eat vegetables, they are still living so we bring life into our body instead of turning it into a cemetery.

     Personally, I avoid this primitive diet for environmental reasons. Fast food alimentation (ex. McDonalds, KFC) in our fast paced society, has created a huge demand for meat. This can only be satisfied by Factory Farms that treats the millions of animals as if they where another product. Their conditions are terrible and the pollution they create is crazy. All the tons of poo they make goes strait into our water systems, and we end up drinking it and getting sick. Also all this extra poo has a "green house gas" called METHANE that is 10 times more harmful than Co2, and is the biggest contributor of GLOBAL WARMING. This is the biggest environmental suicide were doing presently and in a nutshell its melting the icecaps, drowning counties, ruining agriculture in poor countries, causing forest fires, droughts, storms, refugees, diseases, death in general. The only way to solve this problem is by letting the planet's Rainforests clean up this air pollution (a 150 year process). Once again, the meat industry isn't letting this happen. Because of all these extra animals they need for our food, they need extra land. A lot of the agriculturally fertile land has already been ruined and turned into deserts (ex. Africa). So they chop down the very needed Rainforests for more cow pastures. By eating meat we support this catastrophe.

     If people ate less meat, there would be enough food to feed the many hungry in the world. Instead of using up resources to feed animals and get a smaller piece of meat in exchange, it could go straight towards people and for cheaper (30 servings of grains produces 1 serving of meat). Water is also a finite resource we're pissing away, with 80% of it being used by the meat industry and the other 20% by us.

     People say that we NEED meat to be healthy, since its such an easy source of protein. Protein can easily be found outside meat, without all the toxic shit it contains: hormones, antibiotics, fungicides, cholesterol, parasites, salmonella, etc. Meat IS NOT healthy, it shortens your life and gives you diseases (cancers, osteoporosis, heart disease, etc). And if you don't care about the harm to your physical body, think about the harm to your soul. Just because you didn't chop up that suffering creature (leaving the dirty work for others), it doesn't mean your not getting bad karma.

     I'm not looking to convince everybody to be vegetarians, or even better vegans. All I ask is consciousness of our daily diets cause it affects us all. A reduction of meat consumption already makes all the difference and mama nature thanx you. Just question yourself if the Mc-stomach ache is worth all these reactions, and be true to your heart. Peace.