Apathy is a horrible illness that has infected many people today. If most of us actually gave a damn about righteous causes (instead of merely satisfying the physical desires) this world would be a better one. This caring would force everybody to contribute and create a utopia where all living creatures have all their basic needs, harmony, peace and happiness. This IS possible, even though our self-confidence in has been broken. Humanity has been convinced, to think that equality is impossible for everybody. Instead we should prove how we are capable of anything. We believe that 'some have to suffer so others can enjoy'. 'Billions have to die of starvation on one side of the planet so that other billions can die from excesses'. Some say that it's "the balance". I do believe that balance is a good thing, but I disagree that our world finds itself in such. For me, balance would be achieved if all 6 billion inhabitants of this spaceship, neither starves nor stuffs his belly till in pain. There's enough resources on this planet to satisfy everyone, so why cant we all just moderate ourselves and share? Because we don't really care enough.

    &nsbp;This is just an example of the many unbalances our globe shares, and that people ignore. As North-Americans (cause Canada is slowly mutating into Americana) we live in a sheltered bubble and don't get to experience the suffering that the rest goes through. Sorry to tell ya but Canada doesn't really have poverty. Visit Africa, lower America, south-east Asia, etc to learn about the extreme poverty the majority of the planet is going through. There are also stupid wars that are created by leaders that are even more confused than us. We have animals been treated like slaves and tortured with no respect to mother nature. We have a world covered by disease, racism, un-justice and death. And we have the fast environmental suicide that assures our self-destruction in the next century. Not to depress ya, but we have to awake and realize these things to change this situation. But do you even care?

     Apathetic people actually have this knowledge buried in the back of their minds, but since nobody or anything around them (especially the money oriented media) motivates them to act, they continue their zombie existence. Just realized that if we don't work for the positive side, we're supporting the negative one, by not standing up to it. We're convinced that we have no power to do anything. We observe our present history as if it was just another soap opera on t.v., without thinking that we could have a role in the plot . Most people's self esteem has been destroyed by the world and the insane experiences we're put through. They escape these external problems cause they can't even deal with their own. If our society would of built us properly from day 1, we could all be supermen, but it's not too late for that (start today with yourself and tomorrow with your children and friends).

     Sadly, even those who are conscious and caring about these things, get too busy with their own lives to do anything, contributing as much as apathetic ones. Pesimism stops them from dedicating their goals to a situation so horrible no lone man could change. But they're wrong. As I'm trying to prove by example, a human has the potential to alter history. Just think of men who believed in themselves like Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Hitler, Einstein, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., etc. You could be the next if you chose so.

     Bringing change is not about running out and trying to kill the dragon with your bare hands. You have to start by curing the smaller dragons inside yourself and friends. Once clean, we can unite and transform the bigger dragon from the inside. One step at a time we can infect each other with awareness and love and together we'll cure our illnesses. Our generation has to be the one to create the new reality. Begin by killing any apathy in you and surroundings . Start by thinking, then talking (like I'm doing here) and eventually acting. If everybody does this, Love shall rule the world.