The following are a few simple things anybody can incorporate in their lives so that the many problems (pollution, wars, injustice, isms, poverty, decease, unhappiness, etc.) of the hurt planet can be stopped and eventually cured

1- PERFECT YOURSELF - Making the world a better place is not about finding the flaws in others and trying to change them according to what you think is better. We are all different, so what is better is relative to the person/culture, etc. Begin by finding what the best self you could be and work to obtain that. You'll be changing others anyways, by giving a good example and inspiration. Remember that you are primarily a Soul, so seeking spiritual healthiness  should be a priority. Seek your own path for true happiness.

2- THE GOLDEN RULE - Love one another as you love yourself. Learn to accept everybody and everything with love instead of fear and you cant go wrong. Easier said than done, but if we can love our brothers (even the confused jerks), nature, fellow living creatures etc, we will do them good. And since were are all a ONE that is interconnected at many levels, you'll be doing yourself good as well. Meditation is highly recommended as a method to get in touch with your inner self that is pure loving soul, above mind and body.

3- BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR EVERY ACTION - every action has a reaction. Some call it karma. So try to keep in mind what results every little small action you do has on yourself, others and the future generations. Try to always do good so good can come back in return. If you're a giver instead of a taker, you will receive the most.

4- QUESTION EVERYTHING - like the government's actions, the lying media, the fighting religions, the food your provided with, the "justice" system, authority, etc. Ignorance is not bliss, escape the illusions from a confused society so you can improve it. Inform yourself on the truth and spread it among your peers so the sleep-waking activities stop. Traveling to a less fortunate culture is highly recommended as a method of finding the truth 1st hand, and sensitizing yourself to the problems the rest of the world suffers.

5- BEWARE FROM THE MEDIA'S LIES - remember that it's greedy corporations who own the telecommunications industries like tv, radio and newspapers. Their priority is to make as much money off of you as possible. Your not only being entertained or informed but also brainwashed. Opt for good conversations or progressive books and movies instead of injecting your brain with all that biased propaganda(and cancerous airwaves).

6- DON'T BE WASTEFUL - the resources of the world (fossil fuels, water, food, trees, etc.)  are finite so we should reuse things and try not to waste anything. Use your free recycling  program. Try to buy only what you need, used preferably, not a bunch of extra junk, just because TV convinced you it would give you superficial happiness. This will make a smaller demand for the extraction of new resources. Also don't waste water nor electricity at home.

7- AVOID CFC's - found in foam , aerosols, and old school refrigerators and air conditioning, it makes holes in the ozone layer, that consequentially gives us skin cancer and kill the bio-diversity of the planet (needed for our own survival). Try to use tupperware for the food you buy and reuse a mug for your coffee/tea, instead of wasting the non-recyclable foam cups and plates.

8- AVOID PESTICIDES - don't use pesticides for your grass at home, cause its basically poison for everybody and a big cancer provider.

9- BUY ORGANIC AND LOCAL FOODS - organic food has no pesticides (poison) and hasn't been genetically played with. GMO's are not proven to be safe and we should not become guinea-pigs to the Corp's experiments for the sake of money. Also, when we buy local food, we support our community and save the pollution caused by the transportation of the product.

10- AVOID BUYING A CAR - that pollute the planet with Co2, that is causing Global Warming and is slowly killing all balance. Also, the great demand for gasoline is what is causing all these stupid wars around the world. SUVs, that are made for rugged terrain not the tamed city, are even worse cause they have the motor (and pollution) of a truck. Use public transportation that is cheaper, safer and sometimes faster. Or do exercise by walking, biking, skateboarding, etc.

11- EAT LESS OR NO MEAT - The meat industry (factory farming) is not only cruel to the living creatures (bad karma) but also huge on pollution. Cow dung ends up in rivers and then in our taps. The dung also contains a gas called Methane that is the hugest factor for Climate Change. If less people ate meat, there could be extra grains for the hungry people in poor countries. 80% of our water resources also goes to feed all these extra cows. Not to mention all the rainforest (vital for bio-diversity and to clean up the dirty air) that is chopped down for these extra cows to have a place to graze. The less demand for meat, the less damage this industry will do.

12- BOYCOTT CORPORATIONS - many of the unhumanly acts the governments  sometimes make for the sake of the economy,  is cause they're ruled by Corporations. These Corps don't seem to care about anything else than money. Natural resources, human dignity, the environment, etc. are unimportant to most of them as long as there's a profit. We the people should take the power back from these unconscious monsters by not buying their products. Examples of Corps are McDonalds, Esso, Kraft, Wall Mart, Gap, etc.

13- MAKE YOUR VOICE BE HEARD - Don't let our leaders do harmful things to us, the human race. Write letters to your local politicians and support peaceful protests so they can see that people are not mindless robot-slaves, that care about the common good.