I was never really trained for writing and English is not even my first language. But there are so many things that I need to release from my mind and heart that writing helps me with this outlet. I use this great artform to pass on positive messages that are too complicated for images sometimes. It is true that 1 picture can say a thousand words, but we all see the world differently and may interpret a visual piece in the opposite way intended. The same can happen with writings, since we all understand the meaning of words differently, depending on our personal experience. I wish that humanity would still have it's wordless telepathic powers, but since we communicate with these dead symbols, I'll work with what we have. Please excuse my many spelling mistakes.

The Point of Viev of a Peaceful Warrior

The following are a series of consciousness raising articles I wrote for Montreal's Dawson college's Newspaper "The Plant" back in 2003. My intentions was to reach out to the sleep-walking youth. Years have gone by since I wrote these, I have learned more about the nature of everythingness, so please read them with a grain of salt.

The Sunlight Chronicles

Here you can find a few of the best pages from my visual/written journal from the last few years of my present lifetime. Though they do carry personal views on my experiences, people and places of my journeys, I wrote them to share with all. All of the simple drawings where drawn straight in pen from real life and where written in middle of the experiences. This helps to capture the essence of the moment, even though my mistakes can't be changed later (like life itself). It's a lack of expectations that made this carelessness "perfect". The first (of 4) of these books has been published and is available in my store. I hope to find more funding/a new publisher/ a secretary of sorts to help me make the other books available for you soon enough

The Circle of Time

This is a "children's" book I made, based on a book called "The Ocean of Love" by the 15th century mystic poet/saint Kabir. His theory of the creation of the Universe makes a lot of sense to me, and I took it from there. This is a way simpler version of that story, but I believe it's enough to illustrate the main point. Enjoy!