These are some tattoos designs I've made for myself and others. Unfortunately I am so busy these days that I can't design new commissioned tattoos for ya anymore. But if you get any of my art on yer skin, shoot me a pic so I can put it up here. Blessss.

The Sunlight Chronicles

Here you can find a few of the best pages from my visual/written journal from the last few years of my present lifetime. Though they do carry personal views on my experiences, people and places of my journeys, I wrote them to share with all. All of the simple drawings where drawn straight in pen from real life and where written in middle of the experiences. This helps to capture the essence of the moment, even though my mistakes can't be changed later (like life itself). It's a lack of expectations that made this carelessness "perfect". The first (of 4) of these books has been published and is available in my store. I hope to find more funding/a new publisher/ a secretary of sorts to help me make the other books available for you soon enough