Chris Dyer


2000-2003 - Dawson College (Montreal, PQ.) - "Illustration and Design" D.E.C.
1999-2000 - Ottawa University (Ottawa, ON.) - Attended on a scholarship and was awarded a Bacherlaurate of Visual Arts.
1996-1999 - Heritage College (Hull, Quebec)- "Fine Arts" D.E.C. with distinction.
1984-1995 - Markham College (Lima, Peru) - Received a diploma from this distinguished private school, while obtaining seven Cambridge University "O" levels, including Art, English, and Spanish.

Exhibition History


"Moment of Truth"     solo show at Tribe 13 Gallery,     Ukiah, California
"Trinity"     partner show at Old Crow Gallery,     Oakland, California
"Peak Experience"     group show at Temple of Visions Gallery,     Los Angeles, California
"Alchemeyez 2.0"     group show at Hilton Waikoloa,     Kona, Hawaii
"Revivere"     group show at Tribe 13 Gallery,     Ukiah, California
"Social Face Working"     group show at Fenimore Gallery,     Saranac Lake, New York
"War of Art"     group show at Rioalto Theatre,     Montreal, Quebec


"Moksha Art Fair"      group show at 7th Circuit Studios,     Miami, Florida
"Interdimentional Art Show"group show at Madrone Studios,     San Francisco, California
"Chimeria"     group show at Salle Marchillet Amphietre,     Sedan, France
"Heaven & Hell"     group show at The Hive Gallery,     Los Angeles, California
"Par Chemin"     group show at Yves Laroche Gallery,     Montreal, Quebec
"Eagle and Condor"     group show at "99 High Gallery",     Venice Beach, California
"Boom Festival"     group show at Visionary Gallery,     Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal
"Drawgasmic"     group show at Dimensions Gallery,     Missouri
"Alchemeyez"     group show, live art, panel, etc.     Big Island of Hawaii
"Enlumine"     group show at Tribe 13 Gallery,     Ukiah, California


"Society Opening"     group show at Society Skateshop,     San Carlos, California
"Manifesto"     group show at Show n Tell Gallery,     Toronto, Ontario
"Poor Traits"     group show Headquarters Gallery,     Montreal, Quebec
"Positive Creations"     solo show at Norml Gallery,     Ottawa, Ontario
"Longboard Living"     group show at Funktion Gallery,     Toronto, Ontario
"The Return"     solo show at Aux Vivres,      Montreal, Quebec
"Deck Deck Deck"     group show at APW Gallery,     Long Island, New York
"Interdimentional Art Show"     group show at Fenario Gallery,     Eugene, Oregon
"Montreal Visionary Art show"     group show at Eastern Block,     Montreal, Quebec
"Chris Dyer"     partner show at Morgan Bridge Gallery,     Quebec City
"Deer Berlin #3"     group show in "Carhartt Store",     Cologne, Germany
"En Masse"     group show at "Pangee Gallery",     Montreal, Quebec


"The Art of Skateboarding"     group show at Torrence Civic Center,     Torrence, California
"Honor Roll"     group show at Day One Gallery,     Connecticut, New York
"Suite Jesus"     group show at Minna Gallery,     San Francisco, California
"400ml"     group show at Maison des Metallos,     Paris, France
"Mini-Ramping"     solo show at The Bait Shop Gallery,     Toronto, Ontario
"Wassabi"     partner show at The Faktory Gallery,     Nelson, British Columbia
"Shambhala Festival"     group show at Visionary Gallery,     Salmo, British Columbia
"King n Queen"     partner show at Jos Depypere,     Kurne, Belgium
"Interdimentional Art Show"     group show at Tribe 13 Gallery,     Seattle, Washington
"Skateboard Inspirations"     group show at Light Gallery,     Costa Mesa, California


"Something Visionary"     group show at Culture Skate,     San Francisco, California
"Sights n' Sounds"     group show at Off the Hook,     Montreal, Quebec
"Give Thanx!"     solo show at Bistro So-T,     Freghlisburg, Quebec
"Pushed to the Back"     partner show at Artifex Gallery,     Gent, Belgium
"Cocktail Sauce n' Fries"     solo show at 9 de Kunst Gallery,     Gent, Belgium
"Go Skate Day"      group show at Doo Gallery,     Atlanta, Georgia
"Knock your Socks Off"     group show at Headquarters Gallery,     Montreal, Quebec
"Sacrifice"     group show at Rouje Gallery,     Quebec City
"Unidos por el Arte"     trio show at "Galeria El Pabilo,     Cancun, Mexico


"La Paria"     group show at Cegep de Vieux Montreal,     Montreal, Quebec
"Astral Aerials"      solo show at Foufounes Electriques,     Montreal, Quebec
"Los Sk8s Cosmicos"     solo exhibition at Galeria Punktum,     Lima, Peru
"Interdementional Art Show"     group show at CHAC Gallery,     Seattle, Washington
"Nature of State"     group show at Redbird Studios,     Montreal, Quebec


"6 x 50"     group show at Warren Flowers Gallery,     Montreal, Quebec
"Action 2"     group show at Millenium Place,     Whistler, British Columbia
"Visionary Skart 4 Ya"     solo show at 501 Skate shop,      Berkley, California
"Higher Grade Experience"     group show at Culture Cache Gallery,     San Francisco, California


":Save Santa"     partner show at Norml Gallery,     Ottawa, Ontario
"In Search for Balance"     solo show at Warren Flowers Gallery,     Montreal, Quebec
"Exposition d'art Recycle"     group show at YMCA du Parc,     Montreal, Quebec
"Bombs of Light"     solo show at Casa del Popolo,     Montreal, Quebec
"Metaphysical Boarding"     solo show at Zeke's Gallery,      Montreal, Quebec
"Recyclart"     group show at Galerie 1040,     Montreal, Quebec
"Garden of Ease"     group show at The Pound,     Montreal, Quebec
"CO2"     group show at Galerie Art en Majuscule,     Montreal, Quebec
"Notre Urine est delectable"     group show at Sub-V Gallery,     Montreal, Quebec
"Artivistic"     group show at McGill University,     Montreal, Quebec


"Positive Creations"     solo show at Le Swimming,     Montreal, Quebec
"ID Exposition"     group show at Westmount Square,     Montreal,Quebec
"Visions from another Demention"     partner show at Aux Vivres,     Montreal, Quebec

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Travel Grant from the Canada Arts Council (2011)
1st Prize winner of Drawing contest by Tablista Magazine in Peru (2008)
"Liquitex" Acrylics Award of Excellence in USA (2004)
"Zed TV" a show on CBC voted me as one of the 300 most interesting Canadians (2004)
Voted "Hardest Working Artist" in Street Eaters Poll (2004)
1st Prize winner of "Drawson's" Animation contest (2003)
1st Prize winner of "Green Earth" art contest (2001)
1st Prize winner art competition of Heritage College (1999)

Other Activities

Filmed and directed a documentary on the consciousness of positive art, with Dreamtime Cinema from Arkansas.
Has taught art workshops at the National art Gallery in Ottawa, among other high schools and colleges.
Done speeches about positive art at colleges, high schools and festivals.
Has written skateboard and art related articles for magazines including: Expose, Heads, Rage, Revolution, Fun not Fame, etc.
Chris runs his own clothing brand, "Positive Creations" that only uses environmental textiles like hemp, bamboo and organic cotton and supports a worldwide skate team. (

Chris' book "The Sunlight Chronicles" got published by "Divine Life" (Arizona) which got nominated as "Best Book" in Expozine Small Press Awards. New coffee table book (250 colour pages) with Schiffer Publications from Pennsylvania coming soon.

Art has appeared in several books including Concrete to Canvas (by Jo Waterhouse, England), 400ml (by Gautier Jourdain, Paris), Ras (by James Robertson, Toronto), Pipe Fiends (by Barry Walsh, Montreal), Visionary Art Yearbook (by Otto Rapp, Edmonton), Feminine Mysticism in Art (by Victoria Christensen, California), Drawgasmic (By David Wolk, Missouri), etc.
Has done over 70 different skateboard graphics for Creation Skateboards (San Francisco, California).

Several t-shirt designs and Skate-wheel series for Satori Movement (San Francisco, California).
Several CD covers, including: Jimi Bridges(California), Cosmosis (UK), JahSun (California), Jahson Ites (Washington), KnowledgeBorn07 (Chicago), Inword (Montreal), Hotelpry (Italy), etc.
Done skateboard graphics for several companies worldwide: Think(California), Freak (Belgium), Drop Dead (Brazil), Iriewood (Norway), Twisted Trees (North Carolina), Spirit (Washington), Equilibrium (Peru), Love (Toronto), Bustin Boards (New York), Series (Montreal), Urban Ambush (Montreal), etc.

Travel Collages

Traveling is the best thing a person could do to oneself in order to learn their personal truth about the world and its people (including yourself), cultures, etc. This "school of life" shows us a true perspective on reality, from our first hand experience, also opening our minds a lot to our human oneness in diversity. Traveling helped me greatly and here are some pictures of those journeys. I hope you enjoy and inspire from them. I'll add more as the years and trips go by.


Chris Dyer is a soul with high intentions for humanity and his self. He is a man on a quest for elevated consciousnesses through natural life experiences and introspections. A medium of the Great Spirit, who opens his vessel and tries to let go of the temporary complications of his ego-mind. A student of life and true soul skater, despite all the falls.

He grew up in Lima, Peru till the age of 17 where he engaged in such activities as surfing, banana-board skateboarding, and violent soccer fanatism (with his ex-street gang, Sepulcro). He then moved to Canada to do Art College and tranquilized his vibration thanks to experiences like tree planting. He’s now based in Montreal, where he continues his journey to self-realize.

Chris’ main objective is to do his part in raising humanity’s consciousness. According to all spiritual paths and even modern science, we are Godly beings that create our own reality. Delivering positive images to the masses, via skateboard graphics, street murals, paintings, and so much more, is a powerful seed that can manifest a happier reality for us all.

Chris is responsible for a great part of the graphics for Creation Skateboards (from California) as well as work for many other skate brands including Satori Movement, Think, Skull Skates, Equilibrium (Peru), Freak(Belgium), Drop Dead (Brazil), Irewood (Norway), Love (Toronto), Bustin (New York), etc. He also runs his own sustainable clothing line called Positive Creations, based in Montreal.

As for his fine arts career, he has had solid solo and group exhibitions in lands like Peru, Mexico, Belgium, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Paris, Berlin, New York, and across Canada. His art has also bee featured in several books and magazines worldwide.

Other than these trips to expose his art, Chris has also done some extensive journeys through over 24 different countries all around the globe. All these experiences add to the cultural richness and oneness message of Chris’ visions from beyond. In the end all is the same thing in the body of the Absolute.

A full feature documentary has just been released on DVD about his life and works, and a 260 page coffee table art book will be released by Schiffer Publications in November 2011.



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